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Business Loans

While small and medium-sized enterprises account for 97 per cent of Australian businesses, it can still be difficult to make a case to a bank when looking for finance to start a new business or invest in the growth of an existing one.

The good news is that talking to Peer Wealth means gaining access to countless finance products across an array of lenders and dealing with experienced brokers that know how to match your needs to the right loan type.

Renovated Office

Tom Atkinson, Partner at Peer Wealth and Mortgage Broker has a background in business and accounting, meaning he will take a broad view of your business’s finance, assist in business planning, and use his deep knowledge of a client’s needs to look beyond a simple ‘lowest interest rate’ formula in selecting a finance product, ensuring that business owners have access to the capital they need, when they need it. 

Contact Peer Wealth if you are wanting to speak to someone who can assist with finding the right type of finance to support growth and success.


Recognising that a mortgage is a long-term financial commitment, our support doesn't end at settlement. As your needs or circumstances evolve, we'll remain by your side, ready to assist with product switches or additional property purchases.

The Process

1. Getting to know you

To kickstart your loan application, you'll need to provide some information about your goals and circumstances.

2. Let's meet

We'll catch up with you to understand what matters to you and what you are looking for in a loan.


3. Let us do the work

With an understanding of your requirements and objectives, we will review suitable options to find the right loan for you.


4. Presenting your loan options

We'll present you with a credit proposal with tailored loan solutions and recommendations.

5. Managing your application

Once you have decided to proceed with an application for a loan, you can leave it to us to lodge and manage your application.


6. Loan approval

We're nearly there! We will monitor your application and let you know if your loan is approved.


7. Here to help

If your circumstances and goals happen to change, we are here to help with your future loan needs.

Our Broking Team

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