The Atkinson family created Peer Wealth based on their vision to establish a financial ecosystem that manages client’s financial and personal needs in a meaningful and holistic experience.

When constructing this vision, they analysed the key attributes that contribute to making one financially successful and designed this platform that integrates these services.

This gradually formed what are now Peer Wealth’s 7 arms; Tax & Accounting, Mortgage Broking, Wealth Management, SMSF, Insurance, Business Consulting, Auditing. 


In addition to this, Peer Wealth has carefully crafted an external network to allow us to be our clients ultimate point of contact for all financial needs. Our blooming network creates opportunities for our clients and allows us provide a unique service.


Peer Wealth embraces the Atkinson family's values;

  • Trust

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Secure

  • Personal

  • Accountable

  • Supportive



Confidentiality - To retain the highest level of professional and protected care when handling and preserving client’s information.

Quality - To combine our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, to ensure we deliver a service that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients in a timely matter without sacrificing quality.


Personal - To build personal relationships that are centered around family core values, to allow for mutual trust, honesty and respect with our clients. We value and believe in workplace practices that make our day-to-day activities meaningful and purposeful.

Industry Specialists - To continuously professionally educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise & knowledge, to ensure we remain innovative, proactive & industry leading experts.