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Self Managed Super Funds

Our Private Wealth Advisers can help you determine if an SMSF is suitable for your financial goals and assist with the initial setup.


Our SMSF Accountants provide ongoing support to ensure compliance and manage annual taxation requirements.

The Advantages of an SMSF:

  • Gives you control over investment choices

  • Opportunity to reduce income tax on investment income and capital gains.

  • Increased flexibility of asset selection eg. SMSFs can hold direct property, unlisted shares or  artwork.

  • Provides control over your total investment portfolio.

  • Allows you to own your business' real property (but not operating assets) in the super fund, assisting funding and cashflow problems for many businesses

  • Wider choice of investments, particularly direct residential or commercial property, which allows you to borrow in order to invest in property.

  • You can manage up to 4 members in one SMSF

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Annual Compliance & Taxation

We have accountants that specialise in the complex and highly regulated space of SMSF's.

Administration and Accounting Management Services:

  • Preparation and lodgement of the annual SMSF taxation return

  • Option for us to manage all of your investment mail and paperwork​ 

  • Liaising with the ATO where required

  • Liaison with the Auditor of your SMSF on your behalf in order to obtain the annual audit report

  • Preparation and maintenance of the capital gains tax register, provision of investment reports

  • Preparation of annual minutes for the Fund

  • Access to an online portal of your SMSF where to can easy view and manage how your investments are going ect

  • Phone and email support​

We can also assist you with any changes you require to your existing SMSF. You may need to update your Trust Deed to ensure it is current to recent legislative changes or maybe you have recently married and would like to add your partner as a member. What ever it may be we can help with the change ensuring it meets all legal requirements.


How much does an SMSF cost to run?

The ongoing administration cost will be determined by the complexity and size of your fund and whether it’s in Accumulation or Pension mode.


The total of fees to run an SMSF will range from $2,000 per annum for a simple fund to around $5000 per annum for a more complex fund.


We provide clients with an upfront fixed fee based on the services you require.

Investment Advice

With an SMSF you have the control to choose where you invest your money. You can invest in the usual investments such as shares, term deposits, managed funds and property, but you can also hold alternative assets such as antiques and artworks in an SMSF. With this control, comes responsibility and decisions. 

At Peer Wealth, our Private Wealth Advisers, drawing from a wealth of experience, are well-equipped to safeguard your investment portfolio against potential downsides by employing diverse and strategic investment approaches.

Our approach revolves around medium to long-term investment horizons, believing that long-term dedication holds more significance than attempting to time the market. We offer a range of investment options, each tailored to different risk appetites, to best serve your unique financial objectives.

As an all-advice business, we are not aligned with any specific products, allowing us to provide unbiased and tailored recommendations attuned to your specific needs.


If you are looking to invest, reach out and let's discuss your ideas. We will run them through a 'stress test,' and demonstrate how we can enhance your financial position to ensure you have the financial resources needed to live your desired lifestyle today and secure your future. 

Wealth Creation requires a long-term focus, discipline, and commitment to following a sound financial plan.

Buying Property Within Super

So you have heard  that you can buy an investment property with your superannuation? 


The following information is just a few of many points when it comes to buying property within an SMSF. It can be a great retirement plan but ensure that you either; learn all the rules and requirements or seek professional advice before diving in.

It can be a great way to invest for people who are 15-25 years away from retirement for 2 reasons; 1. you are more likely to have sufficient funds for a deposit, 2. you are more likely to be able to hold on to the property until after retirement to access the best tax saving benefits.

When investing within SMSF's you need to meet the Sole Purpose test which ensures that the purpose of the investment is in the best interest for all fund members. This means you need to take into account the personal circumstances of all fund members and ensure that the property investment has an income stream and realistic prospects for capital growth. 

Advantages when it comes to buying property within super:

  • Couples or family members can combine their super within SMSF's allowing for a larger purchase;

  • The earnings within your SMSF are taxed at only 15% with a 33% discount for assets held more than 12 months most likely making it a tax effective strategy;

  • You can make repayments from pre-tax dollars if you have room within your concessional contribution limits;

  • You can buy a commercial or industrial property to lease back to your own business (know as Business Real Property).

Cons when it comes to buying property within super:

  • You cannot purchase from, sell to, or rent to someone related to any of the fund's members;

  • Having all your eggs in one basket can be risky - make sure if you invest your funds in 1 or 2 large assets that you have an insurance plan and 'what if' strategies;

  • It's not great for negative gearing;

  • You must be certain of future cash flow;

  • You can not use the borrowed money to improve the property, repairing or maintaining the property is okay​ if they meet the requirements.

Investing in property within your SMSF is not as straightforward as investing outside super. It is a highly regulated area and one to not experiment in with the penalties being expensive. There are many tips and confinements to be aware of, if you are wanting to explore this investment option and would like to learn in relation to your situation then you can arrange a call or meeting with our SMSF specialist. Visit our contact page for our details or leave us a message.

Our SMSF Team

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