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Personal Insurance – Do you Need It?

Its surprising how many people think they are properly insured because they have motor vehicle and home and contents insurance… Yes, this type of insurance is important, but what about insuring yourself so you know you are covered (or your family is covered) if something bad happens. We know how expensive a Manly lifestyle can be! If you don’t understand what personal insurance is, please read this blog here – Click Here.

So why should you take out personal insurance? I have narrowed it down into four key categories:

1. Young single person

  • Taken out a personal loan to buy a car or go on a holiday

  • Starting your first job

  • Found your future husband/wife

2. Young couple

  • Just purchased a house and have a mortgage on it

  • Thinking about having kids

  • High levels of personal debt like credit card debt

3. Older couple

  • Increasing debt because you have purchased an investment property

  • Renovated your house and have a larger debt now

  • You have dependant (physically or financially) parent/s

  • Divorced or re-married

  • Have a special needs child who you need to make sure is looked after in the future

  • Want to leave your children/spouse/parents an inheritance

4. Self Employed

  • Have fixed expenses such as rent, phone bills, car lease payments

  • Business loans

  • New business partner

  • Key staff in your business

If you fit into one of these categories, then now is the time to talk to us to see what insurance you need.

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