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Personal Loans

There are many different loan products available, all of which are constantly changing and new products are emerging all the time. This is why a broker is your best friend when trying to find the right one.


Peer Wealth's Mortgage Brokers will research the market based on your position & wants, and present your options in an easy-to-digest comparison report. They will then discuss the options in detail with you, weighing up the different outcomes, so that you feel comfortable with the end decision.

Our brokers have your best interest at heart and are not aligned with one product. They ensure you have the best chance of being approved - by understanding different lenders' requirements, reviewing all of your information & packaging it professionally. 


Our brokers are available for you at any time, for any questions. 

If you would like to contact Peer Wealth in relation to some questions you might have about your situation or if you would like to secure a loan now send a message here.

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Why choose Peer Wealth

We work for you.

We negotiate what is right for you, not the bank. We have your best interest at heart and are not aligned to one product. We use our experience & knowledge to find the best product on the market that suits your needs & wants.

We make it easy for you.


We manage the entire process, liaising with the bank, your solicitor & the vendor's solicitor ensuring settlement goes smoothly. We are available for you at any time, for any question

Why choose Peer Wealth

We act as your advocate.


A mortgage is usually a huge long term financial decision. As your needs or circumstances change, we will be there to helping you should you need to switch products or purchase another loan.

Better outcomes.

Our brokers are highly skilled and stay up-to-date with the changing landscape. They also have internal access to Australia's leading accountants, ensuring the structure is right from the start.

Tom was very helpful and understanding. Took our calls even out of hours.
Really didn't feel like it was business, the whole experience was great and we felt we were really looked after. It was a great experience for us as first home buyers.
Would definitely recommend Tom and Peer Wealth in the future to any of my friends or colleagues.

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