At Peer Wealth, we have an abundance of experience and are constantly looking at protecting the downside of our client's portfolios by diversifying investments allowing us to reduce risk in volatile markets and focus on maximising returns.

The client is always at the centre of our advice. Being an all-advice business means we are not aligned with any products.


If you are looking to invest, we have a wide range of options with a mix of appetites for risk, which generally reflects returns. Our strategies are based around medium to long term investment horizons. We can discuss your ideas, run them  through a 'stress test' and show you how we can improve your position.

We believe it is about being in the market, rather than timing the market.

Give us a call and start the conversation today.


Why choose Peer Wealth

We make it easy for you.

It all starts with a conversation and we are flexible about where and when. We will look at your current position and demonstrate how we can put you in a better position. We will create a plan that tailors the right solution to meet your goals and objectives, we put your interests ahead of our own. We take care of the paperwork, manage the application process and oversea the plan throughout it's entirety.

We are fast.

We can get things moving quickly. We have a wealth of in-house knowledge, experience and services to create solutions and execute as fast as possible.

We act as your advocate.

We are an all advice business and not aligned with any products. There is an extensive product list available to us giving us the flexibility to tailor products that suits your needs, not tailor your needs to suit a product.

We are in it for the long haul.

We are a people business. We are professional, friendly and most of all passionate about helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their goals. We worry about the client's money, so they don't have to. If you are looking for advice on creating a financial plan and ensure you achieve your goals, then contact us today to start a conversation.