Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

27th March, 6:15pm @ Peer Wealth

 Blake Bennett,

MD of Zimple digital,

will be presenting on some of the most under-utilised, sometimes confusing yet powerful Digital Marketing trends of 2019. 

The talk



the following:

Mobile phones and search engines/customers

Mobile responsive is arguably the biggest factor in the search engine result success of all websites going forward. There are technical components to implementing this, but it’s important to look at why our world is officially Mobile First.


Local searching (Google displaying results in the area you are in)

Trust is one of the biggest challenges for a business to overcome when operating online. Providing locality information online (even if you are not a locality-based position) provides validation and visibility in a competitive search environment.


Voice searching (e.g., ‘Hey Siri, what’s the best time to go to Manly?’)

Voice is growing in importance as more and more people acquire voice search devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Featured snippets (the snippet paragraph that results at the top of Google Page 1 on searches) are the predominant source of ‘answer’ for these devices, so SERP position is even more important.


Content on websites

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the content online. There is so much of it! There is content for content’s sake and then there is quality content that actually provides value. Our focus is on the latter.


It’s important to move beyond manipulation and optimisation. Instead, create a website and presence that fulfils needs of users. Google is getting smarter at understanding not only that content exists, but the real purpose it serves, and ranks accordingly.


Social Media (what business usually put the most effort into with the least return)

Social media usage continues to grow in both time spent on platforms and the number of users accessing these platforms. Almost a quarter of people use social media to follow brands or businesses. Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media.


Digital marketing and how it can benefit business

I'll talk generally about marketing and results-driven data, ROI on digital marketing dollars

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