9 Pillars to

Financial Health

Your financial ecosystem.

represent the 9 key areas that contribute to making someone financially successful.

This is a Peer Wealth process

that analyses your current position in each of these areas and provides you with tailored advice and strategies to guide you towards financial freedom.


Below shows the 9 key elements of a financially healthy wheel.

Wants Analysis
Debt Planning

The ultimate guide to reach

Financial Freedom

Business Planning
Personal Protection
Investment Planning

You may have heard the analogy that ‘when a wheel is perfectly round, it can deliver you to your destination in more comfort and at higher speed’.

It can also handle sudden changes in direction, unstable ground and bumps in the road.  


Managing each of these elements efficiently & effectively will ensure your finanical wheel is perfectly round and allow for optimal financial success as well as protect & give you more control & freedom over future events.

We offer a complementary 9 Pillars consultation. In this meeting we will analyse your current position in each of these 9 areas, identify key elements and outline what Peer Wealth would do for you.

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